LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A North Las Vegas woman faces murder and attempted murder charges after she allegedly shot at her neighbors, killing a pastor and injuring another person after they reported her to the homeowner’s association, according to an arrest report.

Joe Junio, 36, faces charges of open murder with a deadly weapon, attempted murder with a deadly weapon, two charges of child abuse and/or neglect involving a deadly weapon, and discharging of a firearm where a person might be endangered.

Photo of Joe Junio provided by North Las Vegas police

On Dec. 29 around 4:20 p.m., North Las Vegas police responded to the 6600 block of Lookout Lodge Lane near Decatur Boulevard and Centennial Parkway after a report of a shooting. Dispatch told police that the daughter of the victim said her father was shot by their neighbor.

When officers arrived they found two victims, one was shot in the abdomen and the other in the thigh.

The victim shot in the abdomen, identified as Nick Davi, was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Davi was a pastor at Grace Point Church in North Las Vegas. A letter sent to the congregation of Grace Point Church asked the community to “Lift up the Davi family in prayer as they navigate the tragic loss.”

The victims’ 15-year-old and 12-year-old children were also at the scene and recorded the shooting on their phone, according to the report.

Police said that when they arrived at the scene, they were told that the suspect had run to her apartment. When officers got to the apartment, they found Junio standing in the doorway and took her into custody.

Junio and Davi’s family were neighbors and in the weeks before the shooting, Junio exhibited “escalating threatening behavior” after the family reported her to the HOA for violations related to chickens and dogs, the report said.

In response, Junio started harassing and threatening the family, resulting in them calling the police on her twice in the month prior to the shooting, according to the report.

The harassment and threats included throwing rocks into their backyard while the children were outside, running her finger across her throat and telling them, “they were next,” throwing dog feces into their backyard and flooding their unit through a wall they shared with Junio, police said.

The family applied for a temporary protection order against Junio. The court hearing for that order was scheduled for Jan. 8.

The family said they no longer felt safe staying in the home, so they started to stay the night at a friend’s house for two weeks.

On the day of the shooting, the family was getting into their car to leave for the evening when they saw Junio drive past and look at them. Junio then parked next the them and rolled down her window. At that point, one of the victims’ children started recording on her phone, the report said.

One of the victims asked Junio, “Why don’t you leave us alone? We’ve had enough.” Junio continued to stare at the family and the victim then asked “What’s your problem with us?” and took a couple of steps toward the car.

Junio then got out of the car and started to shoot toward the family, hitting Davi and another woman. One of the victims fought over the gun with Junio before she ran away to her apartment, police said.

Junio was booked into the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center on related charges.