Stop throwing your ornaments into a 20-year-old plastic box and praying they don’t break

From remote-controlled LEDs to lasers, Christmas decorations now offer more high-tech features than ever — but has your Christmas storage kept up with the times? If you’re tired of discovering broken ornaments or struggling to store an unwieldy artificial tree, maybe it’s time to upgrade your Christmas storage. Along with the best ornament storage, Grandin Road has everything you need to store wreaths, wrapping paper and even the Christmas tree itself.

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How to store Christmas decorations

From ornaments to wreaths, Christmas involves plenty of fragile decorations that can be challenging to store. Larger items, such as artificial trees, present their own storage challenges. Choosing specially designed storage can help protect your treasured decorations and keep them in excellent shape year after year.

As you shop for Christmas storage, be sure to keep in mind the environment of your storage area. For example, if you need to haul boxes into an attic, look for storage with good handles that help make lifting easier. If you’re storing items in a damp basement, storage containers that are waterproof can help protect your decorations from moisture.

How to store Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments often include some of the most treasured family heirlooms, so they deserve careful storage. Soft-sided storage totes are popular because they offer additional padding and can fold up when not in use, but they can’t be stacked the way hard-sided totes can.

Regardless of the container you choose, it’s a good idea to store individual ornaments in soft dividers that can be reconfigured to accommodate different sizes of ornaments. You can also nestle fragile round ornaments in cardboard egg cartons or to-go coffee carriers to protect them.

How to store Christmas decor

Lights, wreaths, nutcrackers, Nativity scenes and more all require thoughtful storage to protect them during the rest of the year. Like ornaments, small décor items should be packaged using soft dividers to prevent scratches or chipping. Ensure everything goes back in its proper place after the holidays by taking a picture of the box’s contents before you start decorating.

String light storage is easy: Simply wrap the strands around pieces of cardboard or empty cans from coffee or oatmeal. Wrap them in bubble wrap if you’re worried about bulbs breaking. Alternatively, you can buy plastic spools that let you reel lights up for tidier storage. These reels can also help keep beaded garlands and wired ribbon neat.

For a Christmas wreath, look for wreath bags and boxes, which provide specialized support so the wreath won’t be misshapen when you get it out next year. If you have room in a closet, wreaths can also be hung up on wardrobe hanging rods or even reshaped wire hangers.

How to store a Christmas tree

Disassembling a Christmas tree and returning it to its packaging at the end of the season can feel like a daunting task, especially if it’s already strung with lights. Instead, consider a storage bag that can fit the entire tree. Some require the tree to be partly broken down into large sections, while others are designed to envelop whole trees. Look for a tree bag with wheels at one end to make moving the tree in and out of storage even easier.

How to store gift wrap

Craft caddies and hanging organizers provide all-in-one storage for wrapping paper, gift bags, bows and gift tags. Thanks to the long and narrow shape of wrapping paper, gift wrap organizers can also take advantage of the storage space under a bed. If you have wall space available in a closet or office, a simple wall-mounted plastic bag dispenser can help keep your wrapping paper tubes organized while also allowing you to see what you have at a glance.

Best ornament storage

Best Grandin Road Ornament 3-Tier Storage with Trays

Grandin Road Ornament 3-Tier Storage with Trays

Store your ornaments without fear of breakage in this durable padded storage case. It comes with three trays with soft, customizable dividers, plus a roomy zippered front pouch for hangers or oversized ornaments.

Best Grandin Road Collectible 2-Tier Storage with Trays

Grandin Road Collectible 2-Tier Storage with Trays

Tuck your most precious ornaments into this soft-sided case to keep them safe until next year. Its customizable padded dividers can easily accommodate large and delicate ornaments.

Best Grandin Road Multi-Use Storage Box

Grandin Road Multi-Use Storage Box

This roomy soft-sided tote can hold ornaments, garlands, stockings and more. It features heavy-duty carboard sides, fabric handles and a label window to help you identify its contents.

Other great Grandin Road Christmas storage

Best Grandin Road Wrapping Paper Storage

Grandin Road Wrapping Paper Storage

Corral wrapping paper tubes, ribbon and gift tags in this soft-sided case. It offers three clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) interior pouches, plus flexible compartments to keep all your gift-wrapping needs organized.

Best Grandin Road Wreath Storage Bag

Grandin Road Wreath Storage Bag

An internal hanger and suspension system keep your wreath safely stored in this durable zippered storage bag. Use the included identification label to keep track of which wreath is which, or choose from three color options.

Best Grandin Road Rolling Tree Storage Bag

Grandin Road Rolling Tree Storage Bag

Effortlessly store a cumbersome artificial tree (up to 9 feet tall!) in this rolling storage tote bag. Its full-length front zipper makes access easy, while plastic wheels help bring your tree back and forth from storage.

Best Grandin Road Upright Standard Tree Storage

Grandin Road Upright Standard Tree Storage

Your hinged artificial tree can stay as beautiful as the day you got it with this sturdy tree storage bag. Simply attach it to your tree stand, open the tree skirt, and pull up to wrap your tree for easy, compact storage.

Best Grandin Road Pop-Up Storage Bag

Grandin Road Pop-Up Storage Bag

Store garlands, miniature artificial trees or even floral centerpieces in this clever pop-up storage bag. Its sewn-in wire spring frame expands into a tote that’s nearly 3 feet tall.

Best Grandin Road Sawyer Storage Bench

Grandin Road Sawyer Storage Bench

Store holiday essentials in plain sight using this elegant yet multifunctional storage bench. Made with bonded leather, it features a button-tufted top and nailhead trim and comes in five colors.

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